Nutralu Garcinia – Is it a Magical Weight-Loss Pill? Dosage & Interactions

By | March 12, 2018

The modern lifestyle encourages everyone to have a healthy body and mind. One of the major issues called obesity is faced by a lot of people. Although we should not body shame anyone with a different body type than the ideal one, we can always try for a fit body type. Proper exercising, a good nutritious diet free from junk and correct sleeping cycles are the major promoters of losing weight.

Apart from these factors, the market has fat burning pills or supplements that catalyze the fat loss process for an individual. Fat burners help in reducing weight by increasing the metabolism and energy and decreasing your appetite. This results in an increased number of calories that you burn which eventually results in weight loss. The fat burners will only work effectively when accompanied by proper workout daily and a nutritious diet. These fat burning supplements should not be continued for a long-term, and you should give your body some time off from these supplements too. It is even advisable to control the intake of these supplements and avoid an overdose situation that might have adverse effects.

I will now provide information on one such fat burning pills called Nutralu Slim which promotes weight loss.

What is Nutralu Garcinia?

Nutralu Garcinia is a dietary supplement helping in weight loss. The hydroxycitric acid and Garcinia Cambogia together promote the potency of weight loss from this product. It prevents accumulation of fat in the body and also acts as an appetite suppressant. The product is known to create an impression on the cerebrum that your stomach is full, and you need not eat anything more. It burns fats by avoiding food intake by the individual. It lowers the working up of the cholesterol in the body. It improves the rate of digestion in the body and absorbs the fats to help in the development of fit muscles. It stops the craving for food and reduces the overabundance of nourishment in the body.

The main reason of preferring Nutralu is because of its natural and herbal content of Garcinia Cambogia which has 60% HCA (hydroxycitric acid) that helps in the shedding of that extra fat that you put on in the absence of proper exercise routines over a long time. The balance of hormone level especially serotonin is managed by the herbal ingredients of the product. Serotonin suppresses the appetite and thus prevents overeating or emotional eating problems. It stops the generation of enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat cells.

Another major quality of this product is that it is a mood enhancer as well so you do not feel tired at all even when your diet is reduced considerably. It maintains an energetic mood and helps to remain active.

It usually shows it effects in three months and its herbal content will help in achieving the ideal body shape without going through rigorous exercise routines.

What are the Natural ingredients used in Nutralu Garcinia?

1.) Garcinia Cambogia– It is a fruit found in Indonesia and acts as an appetite suppressant. It increases the level of serotonin in the body which is a mood enhancer too. Low levels of serotonin are found in conditions of depression and anxiety and thus, people also eat more in those conditions. Such emotional eating which leads to an unnecessary fat addition to the body can be avoided by garcinia cambogia as it increases and balances the serotonin levels of the body and thus, you feel that your stomach is full and avoid overeating thus controlling the calorie intake. It also prevents you from feeling lethargic even when your diet has reduced considerably.

2.) Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) -It is an active ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia fruit and increases the fat burning capability of the body. Its major role is blocking an enzyme called citrate lyase which converts the carbohydrates into fat cells in the body. It increases the metabolism rate of the body and thus, converts everything you eat into energy and not fat.

Does it really work?

The Nutralu Garcinia has mixed reviews but mostly positive reviews. It has been proved to be a remarkable weight loss supplement and is being used widely. It usually takes a period of three months to show evident results. People have claimed to have achieved tremendous weight loss with the help of this supplement. Its natural content has made it acceptable as scientific ingredients harm the body more than benefiting it. If taken in the right amount and accompanied with regular exercise and a diet full of nutrition, this supplement can really help in shedding fat and getting the ideal body shape.

How to use Nutralu Garcinia?

It comes as a pack of 60 capsules in a single jar and the recommended dosage is two capsules every day with a glass of lukewarm water. You should avoid over dosage of these pills at any cost otherwise your body might face the consequences. It can be consumed as a daily supplement, but you should consult a doctor before starting the use of this product.


Being a completely natural product, Nutralu is not known to have any side effects. It is still strongly recommended to consult a doctor before moving to this product as different bodies have different requirements. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are strongly prohibited from using this product.

Pros of Nutralu Garcinia

1.) It Helps in burning fat quickly.

2.) Improves the metabolism rate of the body and prevents fat development.

3.) Acts as an appetite suppressant and prevents overeating.

4.) It is completely natural and has no considerable side effects.

5.) It maintains the level of serotonin hormone in the body which is also a mood enhancer and leaves you feeling energetic all day.

Cons of Nutralu Garcinia

1.) Strongly prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

2.) It is not endorsed by any governing bodies.

3.) Weight reduction is not 100% guaranteed by this product.

Where to buy Nutralu Garcinia in South Africa

You can buy the product from its official website by just filling up a simple signup form with your personal details. They provide the product with a trial period of a few days during which if unsatisfied; you can cancel your subscription by contacting the customer care service.


Nutralu Garcinia is an effective supplement if regularly consumed with proper exercise and controlled eating. It has shown results to several users. Although it has received positive responses, you should definitely consult a doctor before using this product.

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